Add a Carbon Copy which is billed to the Session Network/Mailbox.

Public Function CarbonCopyAdd(ByVal SessionID As String, _
                              ByVal ECGridIDFrom As Integer, _
ByVal ECGridIDTo As Integer, _
ByVal ECGridIDCCFrom As Integer, _
ByVal ECGridIDCCTo As Integer, _
                              ByVal TransactionSet As String) _
As Integer


String - GUID
The current session's GUID in string format. This is a 32-character hexidecimal string in the format:
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. This is the value returned by the Login() function.
The ECGridID representing the sending Trading Partner. See ECGridIDs.
The ECGridID representing the receiving Trading Partner. See ECGridIDs.
The Trading Partner a Carbon Copy is to be sent from. See ECGridIDs.
The Trading Partner a Carbon Copy is to be sent to. See ECGridIDs.
String to match the Transaction Set type, standard dependant. 


The value assigned to a specific Carbon Copy entry.


This method adds a Carbon Copy configuration to the ECGrid Infrastructure. If an Interchange passes through ECGrid with a Sender & Receiver that matches the ECGridIDFrom and ECGridIDTo parameters, then a copy of that Interchange will be created using ECGridIDCCFrom and ECGridIDCCTo as the copy's Sender & Receiver.

TransactionSet is used to limit Carbon Copies to a specific Transaction Set and is standard dependant. Only the first transaction set in an interchange is compared. If a match, the entire interchange is forwarded. If left blank, will match all transaction sets. X12 matches ST01, EDIFACT matches UNH02, Tradacoms matches MHD02. 

In order to make sure that data is not copied without proper authorization, either the ECGridIDFrom or ECGridIDTo must be on the Network/Mailbox making the request. Since it is possible that a legitimate requester may be the Carbon Copy Receiver, NetOps can override this limitation when authorization has been obtained from either the Original Sender or Original Receiver.

Carbon Copies are immediately active. Be sure to an Interconnect Request is in place for the ECGridIDCCFrom and ECGridIDCCTo before creating the Carbon Copy.

Please review Carbon Copies for limitations and special considerations depending on the Receiver's Network.

Any Carbon Copy created by this method will have any billable portions charged to the Session Network/Mailbox which created it. To charge a Carbon Copy to another Network/Mailbox use CarbonCopyAddEx().


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