Move a single Trading Partner ID from a Network to a specified Network/Mailbox.

Public Function TPMoveEx(ByVal SessionID As String, _
                         ByVal NetworkID As Integer, _
                         ByVal MailboxID As Integer, _
                         ByVal ECGridID As Integer, _
                         ByVal MoveDateTime As Date) _
As Integer


String - GUID
The current session's GUID in string format. This is a 32-character hexidecimal string in the format:
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. This is the value returned by the Login() function.
The new NetworkID..
The new MailboxID. 
The ECGridID that represents the existing Trading Partner on another Network/Mailbox.
Specified date and time in UTC (see NowUTC) for the move. At that date and time the old ECGridID will be terminated and the new ECGridID will be activated.


ECGridID Integer 
A new ECGridID for the ID on the specified Network/Mailbox.


Moving a Trading Partner Qualifier/ID (QID) from one Network/Mailbox to another is a process also known as a Migration. There are numerous complexities in this process which may include written authorization by the owner of the QID to release the QID from the existing Network. In general, a PDF of such a request on company letterhead is sufficient.

Most Networks require at least 3 business days advanced notification for an ID to be moved. The system enforces this rule. If you need a move expedited, please contact ECGrid NetOps to override this limitation.

ECGrid can optionally manage this migration by sending out notices of the pending migration to all Networks, sending reminders and tracking confirmations.

A Network Admin/Network User can move QIDs between Mailboxes within the same Network. To move QIDs to another Network requires NetOps Authorization Level.

To move a QID to a specified Network/Mailbox use TPMove().


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