Reset a User's GraceLogins and OpenSessions count.

Public Function UserReset(ByVal SessionID As String, _
ByVal UserID As Integer) _
As Boolean


String - GUID
The current session's GUID in string format. This is a 32-character hexidecimal string in the format:
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. This is the value returned by the Login() function.
A numeric value used to represent a specific user on the system.


True if successful, false on failure.


There are two parameters that can cause a User to be unable to log into the system. The first is too many bad logins (wrong password), the second is too many Open Sessions. This function resets both parameters.

You can use the RecoveryQuestion and RecoveryAnswer fields to automate validating a user prior to resetting the account.

Too many Open Sessions can be caused by there being that many simultaneous sessions, in which case you can request that the limit be raised.

The other problem can be too many incomplete Sessions, where the Logout() method has not been used. Be sure to trap all SOAP Exceptions and Logout() after all Sessions, whether successful or not.


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