Users & Authorization Levels


All access to ECGridOS requires a User account. Logins and strong passwords help secure the system. All system access is monitored and logged to the UserID. Any problems or malicious activity can be quickly identified and attributed to the specific account.

There is an extensive list of User methods within the System Access APIs.


By default, any one UserID may have 5 simultaneous sessions open. As sessions should only be open for the length of a specific request, this does not substantially limit how systems access ECGridOS.

If you do not Logout after each login, the session will be held open for an indefinite period of time, which can lead to lockouts. Be sure to Logout of each session. A housekeeping process will regularly clear out expired sessions, but this should not be considered a dependable process. You may also use the UserReset method to reset the open session count.

To see the number of currently open sessions, use the WhoAmI method. 


ECGridOS requires strong passwords of at least 8 characters. There must be at least one Uppercase, one Lowercase, one numeric digit and one special character. Password must be updated at least once every 180 days.

While this may seem cumbersome, ECGridOS is intended to be a machine interface, and systems connecting can be designed to generate their own passwords and automate their own updates.

Email Addresses

Maintaining valid Email addresses is very important in order to provide proactive messaging from ECGrid.

Cell Phones

ECGrid will be making extensive use of cell phone text messaging. Please be sure that any UserIDs used to monitor critical functions of the infrastructure have valid cell phone numbers entered into their accounts.

Authorization Level

Different Authorization Levels allow varied access to areas of ECGridOS. Please see Networks & Mailboxes for more information on ECGrid hierarchies.


Mailbox User

Access is strictly restricted to the Session Network/Mailbox.

Mailbox Administrator

Access is strictly restricted to the Session Network/Mailbox. Also granted authority to manage other Mailbox Users assigned to the same Session Network/Mailbox.


Network User

Access is restricted to all Mailboxes with in the Session Network.

Network Administrator

Access is restricted to all Mailboxes with in the Session Network. Also granted the authority to manage other Network Users and Mailbox Administrators assigned to the same Session Network.



Only available to Loren Data staff, allows access throughout the ECGrid to assist an manage all Networks and Mailboxes.

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